Tuesday, September 25, 2012

*NEW NAILS* from CARRY Shibuya

Today, I've been to Carry nail Salon in Shibuya (Tokyo), and asked for super bling Kawaii Nails.
Im totally addicted to Victoria Secret PINK collection at the moment so I designed this Nail Set, inspired by the brand !
Because it was my last nails from Japan , I made sure it was loaded with cuteness and rhinestones (*v*)/

The girl who did my nails was called Hiromi, she was so cute. We discussed a lot, although I speak japanese super slow... She was very patient and asked me for all the designs in detail.
The salon was very comfy and people were welcoming as well, even with foreigners. I felt I really did the right choice by going to this place =) I'd definitely go back again !
Also, the price was very fair compared to other salons in Tokyo. It was 10 000 yen for all you want art and rhinestones, including SCULP acrylic (to make nails longer). Because it's so resistant, I feel I can do whatever I want with my hand (washing dishes, doing my luggage , ...)

Victorias Secret PINK Nail art : 
designed by myself 

left hand
right hand 

On the same day I went to do HAIR EXTENSIONS in Arujansuu salon in Shibuya too, so you'll have a 2nd review following this one =) <3 div="div">


Twin Star said...

Sympa ton design ! J'aime particulièrement le pouce et l'auriculaire, en violet avec de belles pierres *.*

Ly☆ said...

OMG c'est magnifique!!!! Je surkiffe les couleurs et les strass, notamment ton index gauche!! De vrais ongles de princesse! Maintenant je veux voir tes extensions!!! ^^ Gros poutous ma belle!

CandyFloss said...

C'est sympa tout ca! En tout cas j'aime beaucoup ton nail art!

✿Rin✿ said...

Whaouh, magnifique :-) Hiromi a fait un sacré boulot *_*
Hummm... J'suis pas prête de dépenser 10.000 yens dans le nail arts XD