Sunday, September 23, 2012

Going to Carry Nail & new EXTE salon

One set of Gyaru Nails I really like
-found on weheartit-
other Nail Set I like,
but because I already made the Rilakkuma one this year,
I'll opt for a more gyaru one this time =) 

Because I'm leaving Japan this week...

Tuesday, I'm going to do my nails done at CARRY NAIL SALON in Shibuya.
I'm so excited, it will be my first time here. They had a special offer in Hot Pepper Beauty (I love this free magazine). So there is a set with ALL you want on your nails + Sculpt (acrylic)  for 10'000 yen !

Nemoyayo's EGG model at CARRY Nail Salon

This means first you do your nails longer with acrylic (they sculpt it with the acrylic, they don't add fake nail tips for having it longer. Because acrylic technique is such a better quality, you can never break it!) Then in this offer you can chose whatever you want like art, glitters, and AS MUCH RHINESTONES as you wish !!! (the offer doesnt iclude 3D parts and 3D acrylic art). But I'll post a picture on this blog as soon as I get it done and it will be sooooo *bling-bling* ^__^

Then, on the same day, I'll go to a new Hair Extension Salon , that opened recently in Shibuya.
The name is Aruchansu---- and they use 100% real human hair. So I'll choose 60-70cm in brown with some grey exte meshes because I love ashy colors so much !
I hope the result will be as nice as last time:

Karin (left)
& Me (Right)
with my previous Exte
Of course, Im going to dye my hair first with the PALTY hair color in "Cinnamon Churros".
So you'll have 3 reviews : the hair color, the extensions and the nails ! + all my new contact lense review =)


Twin Star said...

Whaouuh, j'ai tellement hâte de voir tes ongles et tes cheveux !!!

Aww, moi aussi j'adore les couleurs aux reflets cendrés, j'aimerais tellement avoir un blond/châtain cendré mais j'arrive jamais à ça ici T_T

Twin Star said...

J'ai trop hâte pour tes reviews et j'attends aussi celle du tél Q-Pot ^^ Ooh, d'ailleurs, ça me fait penser que je n'ai toujours pas publié la mienne sur le mascara Magic Pole =/ Je le fais cette semaine, promis ! <3

Amy-Chan said...

Love this nails.

Yes I live also in Switzerland. Where do you live there?

Oh wow you have this jacket ^-^ <3

Thanks to you I ordered this concealer to test it. Thank you so much. I hope it will arive soon ;) I bought one from mac 2 months ago. Also a good one.

✿Rin✿ said...

(Rho, je suis trop à la ramasse en ce moment dans le suivi de mes blogs favoris T_T)

Cute purikura n_n Vous êtes trop mignnonnes !!!