Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Egg Models BLOGS & Twitter


Hi everyone, it's been a long time. I've been very busy recently, planning my moving back to Switzerland. It's been one ...long... year in Japan. Tokyo is a super nice city but it's quite stressful to live there XD so in two weeks I'll say goodbye to Shibuya (my favourite place) ! If you want anything reviewed from Japan (like a product or a shop) please let me know in the comments.

October 2012 issue
*published on September 2012*

Today will be about gyaru models from famous japanese EGG magazine , I'll link their blogs & twitter:
EGG MODELS(liste made on September 2012 - models are renewed regularly)
* Which one is your favourite ? 
** Which blog do you like the most ? 
I like Manya & Nemoyayo the most because they're beautiful and they keep it simple with the Gyaru style. Which is a great inspiration for everyday dress-up =)

* Kanako : 

* Nemoyayo :

* Yumachi

* Aina (or Ai)

* Mami

* Anna Fujita (which is also Garula model)

* Hanna

* Manya (mania)

* Riho Kate

* Erichozu

* Gugu :

* Saki kuma

* Yun (D.I.A model)

* Seri (Serikamacho) :

Other links :

° EGG Magazine website :
° Official EGG Store : (under maintenance)
° Men's EGG Store:
° Belle e-shop -linked to the Egg Shop- : (sells contact lenses, lashes, accessories...)

** Of course, japanese e-shop don't ship internationally, so you'll have to go through a shopping service to be able to order anything **