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Japanese Hair Coloration

& informations about :
Japanese Hair Coloration 101

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It's been a few weeks a promised a post like that so I finally had time to finish it.
If you need anymore informations about specifics colorations let me know and I'll try to do my best to answer and complete / update this post !

* One problem I had more and more often with japanese hair colorations is make it last ! Recently (2012) I made a few colors that didn't last more than 2 or 3 shampoos ! So short ! and I used permanent colors. After the last coloration I made, I used the WELLA color care shampoo which I recommend strongly because it helped to make my color last 2months without fading.

How to make you color last longer ?
* Wait 24h/48h without washing your hair before coloring it. 
* After coloring wait 2-3 days before washing it again.
* Don't wash it with hot water.
* Try to avoid beach and pool.
* Use color-care and/or sulfate-free shampoos. Or even baby-shampoos.

Main Japanese colorations brands (with links) 

* Kracie
* Prettia
* Hoyu Beautylabo
* FreshLight (Blythe doll)
* -NEW- Popteen (magazine) hair color
* -NEW- L'Oreal Feria 3D color (collection only in japan)

1-Day color brand :
* QuisQuis (official website in japanese : ) :
Color pack for a 1-day color. Available for 262yen in the following colors : Pink, Orange, Red, Brown, Black Crow and Gothic Black
* Palty also does spray for 1-day color (they have black, brown, blond and red).
ONLINE SHOPS (personally tested and reliable) tested and reliable too)
About ASH colors
Greyish tones became very popular in Japan. Therefore we can find a lot of different kind of grey or greyish brown / blond colors. Freshlight and Palty carry a whole collection of "ASH" tones. I've tried a lot of them (both brands) on my natural brown hair and on bleached hair also and always had disastrous results.
It always ended either bold blue or green or VERY LIGHT GREY (although I wanted a light ash brown). It is because it is made for japanese dark hair. So occidental girls should never put them more than 5-10minutes maybe.  (on blond hair it is totally grey after 5min).
Also you can look on the box the final result if you let it longer. Sometimes it tend to be black, blue, or light grey. Knowing that, you can adjust to your hair.

TUTORIAL LINKS (found on blogs): 

Different coloring textures : 
- Cream
- Foam (mousse) 
In Europe (& USA) we recently had brands coming out with novelties like Foam Hair color. (i.e Schwartzkopf) and I don't know if it became very famous or usual, but you could see it in all supermarkets. Of course the salons are still using the cream !
I highly DONT recommend the foam version. I tested it with japanese and european colorations and it ended with uneven color, there were holes of color everywhere and some parts were brighter. The foam dry when in contact with the hair so it's impossible to work with it properly.

Material you should have : 
A bowl, a comb and coloration brush, an old t-shirt or towel and a shower cap.
You will need the bowl to mix the product without wasting half of the content. The brush is to apply correctly and evenly the product on your hair and the shower cap is to protect your hair during the coloring process. It also help the color to take better. Don't forget to use the comb when applying the color so you're sure that the product is spread around every hair. 

* TIP : if you have curly or wavy hair, dont forget to straighten them with an Iron or by Brushing : it will help to get an even color and use less product !!!

!!!!! UPCOMING POST : my review of PALTY ash brown color !!!!! 
(The box I bought is the 5th color on the top line of the picture)


Twin Star said...

Je ne savais pas qu'il existait des colorations faites pour durer seulement un jour !
Je devrais essayer les couleurs faites pour les cheveux noirs japonais alors parce que moi j'obtiens pas ce que je veux ici -_-' J'aimerais aussi un châtain cendré mais avec les colorations des salons, ça finit toujours par virer reflets dorés ou auburns suivant la couleur mais bref, toujours une couleur chaude alors que je voudrais du froid, du cendré ^^'