Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gyaru Meme Challenge - Part.2

Day 2 : a picture of yourself with fifteen facts : 
in Okinawa with friends, june 2012
fifteen facts about me : (I'll keep it in the Gyaru theme as much as possible)
1) I can spend hours and hours of shopping without feeling tired
2) I have extensions at the moment. I like fake hair and nails.
3) I love shopping abroad (this is maybe my 1st motivation to travel)
4 ) My favorite shopping places are NY and Tokyo
5) I love food too much to manage any serious diet more than 1 day.
6) But still hate my weight at the moment
7) I think gaijin gyarus are being too sluty, arrogant and retarded (for the majority, not all of them). So even if I say I love this fashion A LOT, I try not to put the "gyaru" etiquette on myself.
8) I love receiving gifts, letters, swaps, and so on... Im a letterbox addict !
9) I lose too much time on blogs, Facebook and youtube everyday. maybe half of my time on the internet.
10) I love spending all my time with my best friends , and I dont like having too many friends.
11) I love magazines : french, american and japanese ones.
12) favorite food are : sweets , chocolate, ice-cream, dorayaki, potato salad, yakisoba, udon, ebi tempura, noodle, pasta, pizza, hamburger, cheese, crepes, fruits....
13) Japan changed me : I feel calmer person,  more patient, more respectful and also less accepting rude behavior from europeans.
14) I love being a student : learning anything : languages, economy, law...but I also would like to learn more about nails, hair, style...
15) Being gyaru in Japan is SO COOL , I feel free to dress as I want ! It will be difficult to keep everything the same in Switzerland.


Amy-Chan said...

I understand what you mean. In Switzerland is this beautiful style kind of strange for others. I don't care about, but I hate it when some boys shout out some rude ugly words. Thats sooo ewww. I mean please, we aren't animals right haha You know what I mean?

Twin Star said...

Arf, moi aussi je trouve que je passe beaucoup de temps sur internet mais j'ai pourtant l'impression de de jamais en avoir vu assez ^^'