Monday, June 18, 2012

Gyaru Meme Challenge - Part. 3

Day 03 - What's your best and worst experience with non-gyarus ? 
---> If anyone could explain the meaning of the question, I'd be happy to answer !
Day 04 - A picture of a memorable night:
Last memorable night was in Nago (okinawa) with my friends Katrin and Sarah.
We ate like pigs at a local izakaya.

Day 05 - What do you love and dislike about Gyarus : 
Hahahaha so many things. So first, what I love about Gyaru :
I like the style, of course, which is very young, fresh, colored but also can be very sexy , fashionable and especially unique. I like that is very customizable and anyone can do anything with it. I like to do my hair, nails and make up. I like acryl and gel nail from Shibuya, I like Garula, D.i.a, and other shops. I also like shopping in gyaru area and seeing japanese gyaru in the streets. I like that this fashion is not dying like others and instead growing and evolving. The thing I like the most about gyaru are all the details, accessories and fun stuffs !
I don't like : that you have to be anomaly thin to wear some cloth from Shibuya 109, that 109 shops are not enough accessible from europe and that we don't have the same brands, I hate that is SO expensive. I definitely dislike that people who loves this fashion are/become rude, arrogant and obnoxious, for the main part.


Pearl said...

Day 03 - What's your best and worst experience with non-gyarus ?
^ I think this is just asking about responses that you've gotten about the style :)
For example for the worst experience, you may talk about someone that was rude about it >< Or maybe found the style ugly. For best experience, you would probably talk about someone who wasn't familiar with the style before but found it really great ^^