Friday, April 13, 2012

TAG about make up

J'ai été targuée par Soso, un joli petit questionnaire sur le maquillage ,
je profite de ce post pour partager son blog qui a récemment changé d'adresse :
I've been tagged by Soso , a few little questions about make up,
By the way, I share with you her new blog address :

What do you particularly like at the moment ?
I've been very interested about skin products recently, particularly moisturizing cream, 
SPF cream, base cream, BB cream and face mask. 

What things that you didn't use before are you now almost addicted to ?
Make up fixer, blush, false lashes and eyebrow shadow.

What do you want to try ?
More Color Lenses and vitamin complements for hair , skin and nails.

What make-up tips did you learn recently ?
Nose and face shaping with shadow powder. (but Im not a big fan!)


Twin Star said...

Merci d'y avoir répondu :) Moi aussi j'adore les faux-cils et le maquillage pour sourcils maintenant ^^

Astralys said...

Je prend des notes *Ca aide pour ce que tu sais =D*

Hé hé hé hé hé

Gros Bisous <3