Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TOKYO DISNEY RESORT REVIEW = Tokyo Summer Trip DAY 12 & 13 =

I didnt forget about my Trip to Tokyo review and now I am doing a SPECIAL REVIEW about my 2 days around TOKYO DISNEY LAND & DISNEY SEA !
These are the 2 last days I spent with Matthew in Tokyo. We were planning to go to Disney SEA on the 13th and for our last day together we wanted to go to VENUS FORT in Odaiba to spend our ~2 years Anniversary~ !
But, as it happens, DISNEY was sooooo much fun that we decided at the last minute that we would spend our anniversary in Disney LAND (the 2nd parc).

The 1st day was amazing. We choose to go on a tuesday to avoid the crowd. And that was so cool because there was almost nobody in the park. There wasnt any holidays for student and it was so HOT that people prefered to stay at home ^_^

As our hotel was in Akihabara, it wasnt so long to go to Disney. We took a metro with only 1 change to the MAIHAMA Station. It's cost approximatively 500yen per person/one way and took about 30minutes in total. Because Tokyo Disney Resort is actually IN Tokyo.
Then from Maihama you can take a Disney Monorail to reach the entry of the park but it doesnt make any sense because it takes about 10minutes to go there by feet. PLUS you can visit the DISNEY shops near the Maihama station =)

The 1st impression and comparison with the other DISNEY parcs around the world:
the parc was SO CLEAN, the people were so KIND and SMILING and POLITE. It was all perfect. <3
I can say it makes all the difference between the Tokyo Disney and the other ones I visited (Disneyland Paris and DisneyWorld Orlando). Also another BIG difference is that the Tokyo parcs have more recent attractions (they maybe take care and update their rides). It's like everything was renovated and new. In Paris and Orlando all the decorations (false rocks, false seas,...) were false-looking ! But in Tokyo everything seemed so REAL. They took care of all the tiny possible details so it looked nicer. 
We arrived the 1st day around 12am and we left at the close at 10pm. During that time we've done all the rides, sometimes twice !
The different *LANDS* in Disney Sea:

-Mediterranean Harbor : its an italian port city
* I didnt do anything there, there was the venetian gondolas and the transit steamer line to go through the whole park. I didnt even see the Fortress Exploration ride !
* From this side of the park we could see the famous FANTASMIC show which is the big final PARADE in the night. It's all with music and lights and boats/screens floating in the middle of the disneysea's water !

-American Waterfront :
* We did the TURTLE TALK show featuring a disney alive turtle in 3D but it was for kids. And we didnt do the Tower of Terror because Matt was afraid of it >_<
*I loved all this city because it was so american-50s-like ! And the BIG BOAT was really like a real one actually I think it WAS a real one ! We could see the disney fake sea and the real Tokyo OCEAN from this part of the park, both together it was marvellous !
* We also saw a SHOW which was a 50's kind of jazzy music & dance show. the Big Bang Beat, you can see what it's like -here-

-Port Discovery : 
this is the futuristic part of Disney, there was 2 rides we did :
*StormRider, an crazy flight simulation in which you experience a storm.
*Aquatopia : this is mini boats for 2people which are magnetically directed and you go through a mini lake surrounded by fountains.

-Lost River Delta:
we did all the 3 attractions there ! it was so fun
* the Indiana jones adventure : it was a really well made indiana jones-themed ride. we did it 3 times !
*the raging spirits : its basically a roller coaster
* the mickey and Friends greetings : the disney characters were so AVAILABLE compared to the other parks I visited, so we did some pictures with them :D

-Arabian Coast : 
This one was my favourite part of disney because it was so magic and disney-like ! I never saw arabian themed disney park *v* we eated in the arab-like restaurant some curry-rice and naan ! the decorations were so nice ! 
*the Sindbad Story book ride : its like the *its a Small World* ride but with Sindbad and arab and travel-themes ! very cute !
*The Magic Lamp theater: we saw the genie show but it was in japanese >.< I could understand a little bit, it was rather a JOKES-show 
* We enjoyed the picturesque decors and took many photos ^___^

-Mysterious Land
* we didnt do journey to the center of the earth I think but we went to 20 000 leagues under the sea which is a ride that makes you think your cabin is actually under the water. 
* We saw the Mystic Rythms show, it was really beautiful with all the costumes and dances. see what it s like -here-

-Mermaid Lagoon
The decors were also very kawaii and beautiful here but it was more fore children so we only did :

*Jumpin Jellyfish and Ariels playground (only to visit) because it was beautiful.

TO COME : Tokyo Disney LAND review, and my last week in Tokyo REVIEW with some japanese Language school Review


Béné said...

Ca à l'air super ! C'est mon rêve de faire Disney Sea. Es-tu rentrée?

Petite Ange said...

A paris aussi le staff est super poli et souriant ;-)