Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tokyo Summer Trip = DAY 9 = & about fluffy FOX TAIL FASHION

Sunshine City Mall Entrance
Ichigo Milk bubble tea with vanilla icecream bought in Sunshin City
 = DAY 9 =
This day was a casual one. We went to Ikebukuro (=^___^=) Yay I like this place ! The streets were so BUSY with tons of young people as it was the weekend ! After eating UDON (Matthew was addicted to it at this time), we walked to the huge shopping mall called SUNSHINE CITY. It was hard to make our way to and into the mall because it was so crowded. We didnt have time to see everything but I found a really cute cosmetic store that was selling false nails with GEL (like the one we use in salon) and pretty decos nail art. Each set of nail was handmade and unique. It costs also 2000 yen ! ! ! But I decided to have one because I will have the opportunity to wear it often plus , thanks to the Gel top coat they wont easily broke. I also found some DIAMOND eyelashes and eyelash glue ^_^
Kitsune Udon from Hanamaru
Sanrio Gift Gate Ikebukuro
After that , I directly headed to the Sanrio Store. It wasnt huge but there were some cute collections. However i didnt buy anything because I realised the prices are so high T__T Even compared to any store that sells usual Hello Kitty stuffs. And I saw a beautiful white FOX TAIL with a hello kitty strap at the base. It was the perfect size and color for me. But the price was too high for me ~2600 yen~ and thats only because I thought I could find one more cute and cheaper as everybody seems to have.

BUT I WAS SO WRONG ! And I regret it so much because during the whole trip I didnt find any FOX TAIL, even in Shibuya and Harajuku !!! Even in little stores on the Takeshita Dori Street.
I couldnt understand so I asked advices from people on the web and they all told me it was already OUT OF FASHION in Japan. Because it was only a winter-trend ! But it may come back this next winter so I hope I could find one. Anyone, the trend is only starting in Europe and USA , so I keep my fingers cross to find one soon.
Anyone has a fluffy FOX TAIL ??? If yes, where did you buy it ?
I saw many interesting one on Ebay but they all seems to be real fur from REAL FOX, but also really cheap. I dont know if the asian sellers lie or not about that to sell more but I dont even want to try because I will neeeveeeer buy real fur !!! I think it's so unGAListic to buy and wear real fur (0_0)
~~~ So if you have any advice for me on where to find a nice fluffy tail please write to me <3 ~~~

Back at my story, after the Sunshine City shopping we went to the Ikebukuro station to meet my friend Sayuri. We planned to go to a Cosplay Purikura place. It's a place where there is some free cosplay clothes that we can borrow to do our pictures. But it was a shame, I tried 2 different outfit in size M , the only size available, and I wasnt fitting.  Not only I wasnt fitting in the outfit but also I had to ask my boyfriend to come in the changing room to help me to remove the clothes as it was so tigh. SO EMBARASSING ! I was also very angry because I really wanted to do it and also because the M size in the cosplay purikura place in JoyPolis (Odaiba) was really OK for me (comfortable) and the one in Ikebukuro was just a japanese M (that mean XS size). So we just took some ordinary Purikura (but well, it was fun though!).
After we went to have dinner at Denny's (it was only japanese/asian food compared to the american denny's). There were so many people waiting that after one hour they just asked us to leave and we couldnt even order a dessert !!! I really have to get used to japanese manners huh !
Me & Giant Rilakkuma plush
After that we got back to the hotel ^-^
The story will continue tomorrow, Ma Ta Ne


Ly☆ said...

Trop désolée pour toi que tu n'aies pas pu trouver de queue de fox tail!! En effet, il me semblait bien que ça serait démodée en été, vu que la mode date de l'hiver dernier. Mais comme tu le dis, ça peut très bien revenir à la mode l'hiver prochain. Surtout que j'ai vu à plusieurs endroits que la fourrure sera encore tendance. Je croise les doigts pour toi!!! Trop deg que tu n'aies pas pu rentrer dans les cosplays...mais pourquoi on est pas taillées comme les japonaises?? Je veux bien faire une taille M japonaise moi!lol
Vivement la suite de tes aventures! Gros pooutous! <3