Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tokyo Summer Trip = DAY 7 - 8 =

I'm back from holidays. I feel so good being at home *v* Maybe I travel too much, but I enjoy so much being in Switzerland right now, the life is pleasant and restful, even if I have 6-days work right now >o< !

As promised, I will continue to tell my trip to Tokyo. After so much trouble with Blogger-Draft, I finally found the courrage to remember and write everything here.

= Day 7=
So sorry I can not remember what I did with my boyfriend this day. It was probably one of our lazy day. We may woke up late and only walk a little bit around the city. So, maybe not so much interesting for my readers.

=Day 8=
This was a busy day ! I remember that I wrote it here on my blog when I was in Tokyo and it took so much time ! But it was deleted due to the bug in the blogger's system. Even the draft-saving wasnt working and that's how I lost it.
Anyway, I had the great idea to write my adventures in a notebook so I can share it :)
We woke up early to do to ODAIBA this day !
On the afternoon we went to the onsen (natural hot springs). It was the Oedo Onsen Monogatari. I really couldnt wait to try this for the first time. I wanted to go there for so long ! It was a great experience that I maybe wont try again >--<.
We arrived there around 11am. It was very easy to go to Odaiba from Akihabara. It took us about 30 minutes, but a lot of money for transportation as Odaiba-city has her own private metro line that is really not cheap (approx. 500 yen a ride for a short trip).
But the metro was above the city and we could have a great view of everything. Odaiba is a really nice clean and a little bit futuristic city with lots of huge buildings and some parks.
When we arrived at the onsen , we paid 2000 yen each for the day. I think that was a special price (maybe because we're a couple or because we entered after 12pm).
We had to leave the shoes before entering the place, then we had the chance to choose a yukata (sort of simple Kimono) before going to the changing rooms. It was included in the price of course and there were 6 different pattern for women with 3 different belt colours. I'll put the pictures of the one I chose.
Then we met in the central room. Everything was in wood and japanese traditional architecture. There were a souvenir shop there and many japanese restaurants.
We first tried the foot-bath outdoor which was the only one that accepted both women and men together. It was like a little brook with stones inlayed in the ground. The stones hurted our feet so much as there were huge and somehow sharp. We saw that there were some people who were trying the Dr-Fish bath. This is a bath where your put only your feet in the water and so some special fishes eat your dead-skin and clean your feet. I'd never try that, it looked so weird.
Then we had to split because the baths for women were in a different place from the ones for men. We decided to spend 1h30 in the hot baths before meeting.
First I had to remove my yukata entirely to go naked in the baths. It was so embarassing and I was the only foreigner there. I had to take a shower, before entering the shared baths.
The first hot bath was something like a get-used-to-the-heat bath. it was more than 35°C but less than the other ones which were above 40°C sometime 45°C ( I THINK ! but maybe more like 50°C , I was litteraly dying). I stayed in the different bath not more that 2 to 5 minutes, it was so hot. I even tried the ones outside. There were a little river-bath and some sort of barrel-for-1-person bath which was really cute but not bearable.I left after about 40 minutes and my head was turning. I felt like vanishing all the time.
So I met matthew again and we decided to eat noodle. then he returned to the baths for 1 hour while I was reading the last EGG magazine <3
I think it was a good decision because until the day after we both had stomach cramps and our head were hurting a lot. It may be because we werent used to hotness like that !
So after the Onsen, we went to JOYPOLIS amusement park which was in Odaiba also. We tried so much attractions. There were really amazing, I'll scan the leaflet to show the park here. It was a sonic (the hedgegog) themed park. Before leaving we even tried a COSPLAY PURIKURA session. It was free, included in the day pass. So I dressed in japanese high school girl and Matt choose a costume for boy and we took purkira in a huge booth and there were 3 cameras (one on the floor one in front of us and one on the ceiling above us). It was so professional (^o^)

After that long day we just went to a restaurant called Saizeriya, we learnt after that it's actually a chain in Tokyo. There is a lot of italian dishes there and we took so many different food as it was so cheap. It wasnt even small plates like in the other Izakayas we tried. <3 If you ever go to Tokyo and see one SAIZERIYA, you have to try it ! (Also because we were avoiding seafood and seaweeds from japanese cuisine).

Next post tomorrow, Ma Ta Ne !


Petite Ange said...

Purée, je crois que j'aurais trop de mal à supporter la température des onsen o.O

Trop fort le Cosplay Purikura, j'attends toutes les photos !!!! :D

Ly☆ said...

OMG quelle journée bien remplie! Je crois que j'aurai adoré les onsen...mais à petite dose! Oula 45°C y'a de quoi mourir!lol Mais ça doit être une super expérience zen!
Il me tarde de voir les photos tu sais! Et les purikura aussi! Vivement!! Je trouve ton reportage sur ton voyage vraiment passionnant! Les photos sont limites accessoires avec une telle description (mais je veux quand même les voir!lol). Gros poutous la miss!