Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tokyo Summer Trip = DAY 6 =

Today's program was light: we went out only in the afternoon and we first took the train to go to the RILAKKUMA STORE in the tokyo station. The tokyo station is huuuge, there was a lot of store and even lots of food stall and bentos like in the basement of the big departement stores. We can easily get lost. ( ;´Д`)
But the rilakkuma store, which is into the station, was very small and the new collection is a little bit boring. Its only rilakkuma and co eating rice with an egg on top. Not to much details or designs. The recent last collections I love are: the one with the cute strawberries, the one with rilakkuma in the wood and korilakkuma as a squirrel, and the last one "Rilakkuma meets honey". I mean how cute is that, even the name ! (*^_^*)

In the store I found some little stationery, a mold for eggs and pancakes that can be use on a pan, a box for my lenses and I really wanted to buy a pouch because there were so many kawaii ones from all my favourite collections listed above. But , each time I tell myself I dont need one because I already have plenty of pouches and this is getting like an addiction. However I found a good reason to buy one!!! As I have my new pentax polaroid, I should have a pouch to fit with it because Its very fragile and I really dont want it to be broken soon. So, with the help of Matthew I chose a little pouch white, orange and yellow with sparkly tones of gold from the Rilakkuma Meets Honey collection. I usually dont really like these colors but it was so cute and I HAD to get something from this limited serie. ♪

Then we took the metro again to go to Asakusa to see the Senso ji shrine for the Tanabata festival. But it was already 6pm, so a little late and all the food and souvenirs stalls were closing. We had a nice walk in the temple then we bought some food ( bentos and mos burger food ) and smirnoff ice with some little firecrackers and ichigo pockys. We found a place in the Sumida park, right in front of the sumida river and the nice Tokyo Sky Tree. it was weird because there was nobody, althought its a very beautiful, clean and quiet place with a unique view. Actually I was quite puzzled, wondering why nobody seems to care about tanabata day... We didnt see anyone partying or just walking outside in the park.

Thats it, we had a wonderful time ♪( ´θ`)ノ
Tomorrow's program is visiting Odaiba. So we just will wake up eaaarly and decide if we have time to go to the famous Oedo Onsen monogatari ♨ and the amusement park. Maybe to the Venus Fort too. Its a big departement store with an immitation of roman/italian architecture and a beautiful fake sky inside. ☀

Ma Ta Ne


Petite Ange said...

Après un petit tour sur Google, je confirme, les collections avec les fraises et le miel : SO cute !!

Pouch-addict ?? Ohh, so cute too ^-^ <3

OMG, I still can't wait for the pictures !!! @_@

Ly☆ said...

Ta ballade dans Sumida park devait être somptueuse, ta description à elle seule me fait rêver (et du coup mon imagination complète l'absence de photos!). Mais vivement quand même les photos qu'on voit toutes les merveilles que tu as vues ou achetées!^^ Gros poutous! <3