Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tokyo Summer Trip = DAY 5=

Oh my god the time is passing so faaast. our 5th day already T-T ! we visited Ueno. first, we woke up EARLY (like in the morning, actually at 10) and I put my new diamonds eyelash with some bottom lashes from daiso and it fitted so well. I had to glue them again in the afernoon but it was ok and very comfortable ( I didnt even felt themafter 1 hour).

We only spent 5 minutes in the metro as our hotel was close to the ueno station and we directly found the Ueno Zoo in the parc. I was very happy to see that there were new PANDAS. the last time I was in this zoo it was in 2008 and the panda, which was the main attraction, died a few months/weeks before. The 2 chinese pandas were so cute. I heard so many kawaiiiiiiii! Of course we saw many cute other animals , like : the lions, bears, monkeys, flamingos, amd so on. My favourite were the gorillas because they showed themselves a lot and they were a couple with a little baby gorilla who was playing in front of us and rolling on the floor. ♥

during theafternoon I took a japanese icecream : the one with shaved ice and colored syrup. I dont know the name sorry. Then I took some yakisoba for lunch in the zoo. It was actually quite good for a zoo food.

Then Matthew wanted to visit the nature and science museum which was in the ueno parc too. first, we didnt know there were many different buildings. we thought it was so small and so disappointing but at the end we found the science part of the museum with some interactive exhibitions which were really cool and funny.
But still, I wont go visit again. Id rather go to japanese art museum. If I have time though. haha.

Then we walked back to the ueno center area near the JR station because thats where all shops and restaurents were. I found a 100 yen shop and bought some new eyelashes and even a cute lash box and a hello kitty lense case. Then I bought some rilakkuma strawberried themed glasses at the ameyoko arcade. After this quick shopping we wanted to eat UDON again in the ameyayokocho streets but this time I chose the kitsune udon with the fried tofu sheet. it was sooo oishii ♡

After that we walked from game centers to game centers to find new plushies to win from the ufo catcher and I played for more alpacas and also sentimental circus ones. it was so easy, I continue with my gaijin technique and always ask the staff to replace the plushies in the machine so I can get them easily. We also won a free game as we were foreigners :)

Then we visited the OIOI marui center and I found some hair perfume that smells like wild strawberries and a pencil for my eyebrows as I have to make them in a lighter shade because of my new haircolor. we stayed until it closed and we took the metro back at our hotel. As usual, I took a strawberry milk and some buttery sweet toast to eat during the night ^=^

Tomorrow is TANABATA matsuri. its an off day for japanese people. here is an explanation of what tanabata is :
I totally love this day and Im making a wish each year by writting it in japanese and attaching it to a bamboo.
So tomorrow we'll go to Senso ji temple in asakusa and we'll buy a bento to eat it next to the sumida river while making small fireworks. ★☆★

minna san, ma ta ne


Béné said...

La glace japonaise est un kakigori (かき氷) ^^

Ah Tanabata. J'aimerais trop le fêter.

Petite Ange said...

Ze veux te voir avec tes faux cils !!

Ooh, un zoo, j'adore ça ^-^

Ohhh et les lunettes Rilakkuma, je VEUX voir !!!!! XD

Waaa, enjoy the fireworks *_*

Ly☆ said...

Whaaa la fête de tanabata est très belle! Je veux voir des photos de cette fête, ça devait être génial! Et comme Soso, je veux te voir avec tes faux-cils^^
J'adore les zoo aussi (j'aime tellement les n'animoooo!lol) même si la plupart du temps le manque d'espace qu'ont les animaux me rend très triste (*Brigitte Bardot inside*)
Gros poutous!!