Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tokyo Summer Trip = DAY 4 =

As the other day, we woke up late and left the hotel after 2PM. Its not a habit of mine to do this. I usually never wake up after 10am when Im in tokyo because I dont want to loose any minute of my time there. Tomorrow we will have a long day in Ueno (zoo, park and museum) so we'll try to wake up earlier o(^▽^)o

So we arrived at 15h30 in harajuku. I have so many good memories here ! We went to the LeSportSac shop. I looooove this brand. I think I already mentioned it in a previous post. When I was in Switzerland I was looking every month at the new Japanese collection. It's weird, even if lesportsac is an american brand they have a bigger collection in japan (more color, shapes...) So I bought 2 bags , the 2 bag I was dreaming to buy for sooo long! This is a pink with glitter and another one grey with milk bottle pattern. Ill add the pictures at the end of july.

Then we had to go at Espace Langue Tokyo (the japanese school Where I studied 2 years ago), to meet samantha and to say HELLO to my old teacher yuuki sensei. she was so nice, she even print me a list of good japanese language school where I can ask for a 1 year visa for october. during my last week here, at the end of july, I'll visit all these schools to have a better idea where to go when Ill come back.

After that we (matt, samantha and me) went to KIDDY LAND. as the building is under construction they placed a new kiddyland at the end of the street. I was happy to see it because its as big as the last one and they had so many cute collection ( ichigo ichie, sentimental circus, rilakkuma, stitch...) I bought some stationery for my penpals and for private exchange and I found a little hawaiian stitch key ring for my sister. ♪(*^^*)
Then samantha left to go to an interiew for a job and we went to Takeshita Dori. It was weird to see all these nice shops again. I was not as hysterical as the last times I went shopping here. And I was also tired so we *only* went to the Daiso (100¥ shop) and I bought lots of little stuffs at the end I had so many things that I had to pay 4000yen : Im always amazed how it can adds up so fast !
what I found : false eyelashes, bottom lashes, black lash glue, deco tape, scrapbooking book, stickers, bento accessories, wet wipes with powder, stationery, ... I even saw some nerdy-looking glasses with no lens lol. there is so many japanese gals that find fashionable to look like a nerd (geek) so they wear those big glasses and we can see their false lashes and circle through XD

after that we stayed in takeshita dori to eat some udon and japanese crepes. I took the one with whip cream, strawberries and cheescake , its a calorie bomb but its sooo yummy I cant resist ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3

On the evening we only walked in the yoyogi park and to shibuya where we took our metro to go back at the hotel. tomorrow UENO! I cant wait ;)

Ma Ta Ne またぬ
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