Monday, July 4, 2011

Tokyo Summer Trip = DAY 3 =

Today, after waking up late and being prepared ( with my new liz lisa doll sailor outfit) we met Samantha in front of the MARUI ONE in shinjuku. Its the lolita one where you can find many expensive lolita brands. But I didnt visit this OIOI tour because it was already late. so we went to the sanrio shop in the huge deluxe departement store (Isetan). Everything was cute but because I am quie on a budget I didnt spend my money there. Then we walked to the Center of shinjuku : Kabukicho. I saw the Sanrio gift shop and really wanted to buy stuffs but we didnt have so much time for that we entered a Taito Game Center to win some plushies in the UFO catchers. I tried the ALPACAS one and won 3 of them ;)
Then we eat at a rstauant where everything was like 300 yen. So we chose 8 different foods and shared. This was a nice way to try new japanese dishes. I liked the fried mochis with parmesan cheese, the mini pizza and the dessert : some pancake balls with maple syrup into it. But the size was soooo small that. I wont go back. also the was a service charge of 300 yen per person!
Then we returned to the game center to do some new Purikuras with samanha and matthew and the alpacas XD We reçeived 2 pairs of Cosme rich eyelashes as gifts ♡

After that samantha get back home and matthew and me stayed at the game center to watch people loose money in the ufo catcher and the candies catchers. we saw a chinese couple and a band of japanese girls that were trying to make candies fallin in the machine but even after spending so many yen they only get a few Meiji chocolate bars T-T I will never play for that ! we also went to different floors and played 2 funny games: the famous one was with the drums and the other one was with like 4 buttoms of different colors, like guitar hero but with a board. ( pictures are coming ).

Not a full interesting day but funny tough. And I didnt spent a lot ! on the way back home I found a 10000 yen bill on the floor. ♪♥ it was he 1st time in my life I found so much. Im usually not so lucky :)

Tomorrow I'll go shopping in harajuku, visit the shrine and my last japanese school (ELT) to say Hiii! also I hope I can find the new kiddyland.

Ma ta ne


Béné said...

Ton voyage va m'aider à tenir !!
J'attends le prochain post avec impatience :)

J'ai aussi hâte de lire ton récit sur Disney Sea car je rêve d'y aller.

Amuses-toi bien.

Ly☆ said...

Alpacaaaaaa!! J'en vois partout et je les trouve tellement mignons!!!! Et les purikura, je rêve d'en faire! j'espère que tu nous montreras le résultat quand tu rentreras!^^ idem pour ton outfit Liz Lisa döll! Gros poutous!

Petite Ange said...

Lol, c'est marrant les Alpacas, je connaissais pas !

Hihi, tu manges plein de bonnes choses, comme toujours, ça me donne trop envie :p