Monday, July 4, 2011

Tokyo Summer Trip = DAY 2 =

today , Matt woke up at ...1 :30 PM !because of the jet lag, so I just waited for him while on the internet ;) thanks to him I have time to update my blog!

Today we went to Shibuya. The shibuya station is huge, we tried to find the hachiko exit but it was so omplicated that I stopped at the ranKing-ranQueen shop and found all the nice make up stuffs I was looking at on the web when I was in my country... But I refrained from buying anything as I know I can find all those products for a better price in a pharmacy.

On the short route to the 109 tour we stopped at a magazine shop. I bought the last EGG and the LeSportsac e-mook, I chose the bag with the little strawberries pattern. I looove when LeSportsac create e-mook magazine with free gift. I bought the 2 last ones, it was nice big wallet with strap and we had the choice beween 3 styles. its usually less than1500¥ so its really affordable compared to the real lesportsac bags. I also found a little book "a guide to beautiful legs". its in japanese but there is almost only pictures so it will be vey easy to undestand the exercises/movement to do.

In this shop I saw some nice little books for any subject. the best ones i remember were some little books about trips to hawaii. it was really like magazines with a lot of pictures and shopping to do. I'll definitely try to buy one when I speak japanese better.

Then we went to the 109, it was soooo crowded! because we're on the w-e plus the 7days bargain!!! the sales people were shouting sooo loud to attract people to their shops. IRRASHAIMASEEEEEEEEE dozo goron kudasaaaaaaIIIIIII !!!!
I was really afraid first then just annoyed and tired of that. I also understood the sales concept: each shop had a random moment during the day while they add 10-50% to everything for 30minutes. I was at Cecil Mcbee when it happened to me for the 1st time. I got a nice 2 piece shirts with heart-shaped pastel leopard print under a white lace top. It was discounted PLUS 10% off. :)

So we just continued like that in the whole 109. and we stopped at one of the last floor to eat japanese crepe ( I chose the one with peach, whip çream and vanilla icecream ) and drunk a strawberry milk BubbleTeA (⌒▽⌒)
I bought some more clothes at Liz Lisa. (also for a private swap I had to find a nice cloth from liz lisa)! and I got a nice black sailor little dress (mariniere) from Liz Lisa Doll. Ill definitely show it wih a picture on this blog!
==> I love to receive a new free bag from the shop when I buy cloth because usually thy offer nice tote bag that can be re used so many time as they are made in cloth or good quality plastic.

After we finished the 109 we went to hesibuya disney store to buy our day ticket for Disney Sea next week ! it will be my 1st time in disney tokyo *_* I cant believe it !

Then we got tired and hungry so we looked for a noodle resaurant and found a very cheap udon restaurant in a basement. I took a little bowl (it was actually huge and people who know me know that I eat a lot too). I costed only 210 yen ;)

After that we went to the game center but we just walked around the tower and played The cube game with music (I was bad hahah, matthew always won).

Then, the STATION !!! it was nearly 11:30 PM and we had to hurry to catch one of the last train/metro and at the terminus we just realised we took it in the wrong direction !!!!
So we were like LOST in he other side of Tokyo, at night and we didnt have enough for a taxi. yay! we ask the route to go home by walking, everybody looked at us weirdly and told us it was like 3 hours walk. So we went to the little police station that are in each street ( koban) and the 1 st one near roppongi took like 20 minutes to draw us a map with the directions with station and other kobans where we could ask for our route andcheck if we were in the right way. it was so nice from him. but he took so much time. at the middle of his drawing , I just told him in japanese that I could read hiragana because he was old and didnt know how to write in romaji ( occidental writting ) reAlly well. Then he just was like reaaally releaved and happy that I told him that and he continued drawing the map but in japanese.

So we started to walk our looong long route and after 4:30 hours of speed walking in the night we arrived safely at our hotel but veryyy tired. hopefully our luggage were arrived from the airport and we woke up at 2:30 PM on the same day.

Now Ill just get prepared and go with matthew in Shinjuku to meet SAMANTHA ( my friend who is working in tokyo for a year ) and we'll go in the lolita Marui One (OIOI).

Ma Ta Ne ♪


Lily. said...

Ca me rapelle de si bons souvenirs... Tu dois avoir très très chaud par contre non ? Je lis ton blog tous les jours, c'est si agréable que tu prennes le temps d'écrire pour nous, qui ne nous y trouvons pas! Moi je n'ai jamais été à Disney Tokyo mais, j'avais été à Fuji Q, qui est l'un des plus grand parc d'attraction, c'est immense,e t je pense que le disney sera de la sorte! Kisuuuu

Ly☆ said...

OMG la trotte que vous avez fait! Incroyable!!! Ta journée shopping me mets l'eau à la bouche!! Et tes emplettes chez Cecil Mcbee m'ont l'air adorables!!! Dommage que tu n'aies pas de photos, je t'aurais dit "je veux ça, et ça!!" mdr. Mhhhh et les noodle bar, quel bonheur!! J'en ai un dans ma ville, j'y vais sans arrêt tellement c'est bon! Mais c'est clair que c'est copieux!
Quelle chance, Tokyo Disneyland!!! Déjà que je rêve de refaire celui de Paris avec mon chéri! Ca fait 5 ans que je n'y suis pas allée, une éternité quoi!!
Ahhh vivement ton prochain post, j'adore lire vos tribulations dans Tokyo!! Merci pour tes mises à jour, c'est vraiment un plaisir, comme l'a dit Lily! Gros poutous et à très vite miss! <3

Petite Ange said...

Oh, je veux voir le sac strawberry ^^

C'est marrant le principe des soldes là-bas !
Oh oui, les sacs sont très sympas au Japon :-D

Je continue mon com' plus tard <3

Petite Ange said...

Oh mon dieu, comment vous avez dû marcher !!! Et dans la nuit en + >.> Ça m'aurait grave saoulée lol ! Omedetô XD !!