Friday, July 29, 2011

Tokyo Summer Trip = DAY 10 & 11 =

 This day was very special as it was supposed to be the Gals Meeting Day. So I spent some time in the morning getting prepared: hair curled, false nails, eyelashes , and so on. Then , in the metro, I made a visual poster on my Ipad with a scrapbooking application, so I can advertise about the meeting on the street and let people know it was here. The meeting was at 2PM in front of the 109 tour. But I waited from 1:45 to 2:35 and nobody came ! I was really pissed off and disappointed because there were 3 occidental gals who let me know they would come , the previous week. I really wasnt prepared for that, it was really not well organised. I dont think I will EVER do that again (except attending an event prepared by someone else).

To make up for this, my boyfriend and me went shopping in the 109 and around Shibuya. Then we ate at Mos Burger (my favourite) and UDON <3 and we also went to see SUPER 8 at a cinema in shibuya.
It was so hard to find this cinema because there are so many different cinemas in Shibuya. Nobody was able to indicate the right adress. Hopefully I had an access to internet to situate it. My advice : print a map if you need to find anything in Shibuya. It's such a labyrinth and nobody is able to help even for famous place such as Tokyu Hands and Plaza.

My review on the film : the movie itself was cool, not the best but something cool to watch when you're in japan I guess =) and the cinema was very well located, in the centre of shibuya, at the end of a huge building (so you can admire the view while in the elevator). The screen was big enough (nothing very special) and poeple didnt SPEAK during the movie ! I like it ! But my boyfriend was the only one then to do loud noise compared to japanese people hahaha ! What I like: the seats are numbered, so you can chose when you buy yours, so if you can in advance it's worthy =) What I dont like : the floor is flat, not slopped as the swiss cinemas. So if you have a tall person in front of you, it will bother !

On the 11th day we went to the Imperial Palace Garden and walked a little bit there. I also found a SANRIO Gift Gate in the middle of nowhere (in a lost and small mall center). There were selling luxurious HELLO KITTY decos made with Swarovski Elements and also Flower Bouquets with Hello Kitty shaped in it.

On the evening, we met Samantha and her frenchie friend in Shibuya and had dinner at an Izakaya where everything was 270 yen. (the same one as our first meeting in shinjuku) It was cool BUT I'll never go there again. Even if everything is cheap, the dishes are sooo small ! Also there is an entrance fee of 500 yen (ToT) !!! And the first dish they serve is obligatory (you can not choose) and you HAVE to pay it. (Where is this concept coming from anyway !??? Thats so un-client-friendly !) Hopefully it was Edamame and I like it =3


After dinner, they wanted to sit near Hachiko for a while, only to watch people walking there. I was puzzled by this idea first, but then I found that quite funny. It seems that many people like to do that. It's such a waste of time but when you're in Japan, this is an interesting way to spend spare hours. You can look at japanese street fashion and....look at japanese people itself. hahahaha


Petite Ange said...

Oh, je pensais pas que Shibuya était un tel labyrinthe ! Et c'est fou que personne ne puisse t'aider à t'orienter lol

Petite Ange said...

J'adooore le nail art !!! =D

Béné said...

Très joli nailart ! J'aime beaucoup.