Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tokyo Summer Trip = DAY 1 =

IM IN TOKYO YAAAAY ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

I arrived on 2nd of july, I'll try to write my report everyday on this blog. As I write from my Ipad , I cant add pictures now but as soon as Im back to Switzerland I promise to add all photos.

1st thing 1st : My flight was with Aeroflot from Geneva with a stop in Moscow. We had a little late of 30 minutes but as we had 2 hours to do the connection it was really ok ! the moscow aeroport is huge and there is free WiFi everywhere. The flight itself was nice. We had very big and very comfortable seats in economy class! ( it IS amazing (^∇^) ☆).
The food was acceptable (it means not the best but not bad either especially compared to the worse : Alitalia!) the service was perfect, the crew was very smiling and kind.

When we arrived at the aeroport they told us that our luggage wasnt here but that they will send it to our hotel 1 day after ( or maximum 2). First I was really annoyed because it never happened to me and I had all my stuff in. But then I was happy because it means that we didnt have to carry them in the train from narita to our hotel. Plus it means we HAD TO go shopping on our 1st day **happy**. so the airport called our hotel before we arrived ( wow the japanese service I really wont get used to it)
hopefully, I had a new pant and underwear and all my cosmetic needs with me !
AND I was wearing my new comfy Croks ( thanks to my so kind Mother-in-law who thinks about everything in advance, she sent me those from NY before the trip: the weather is hot and humid in tokyo now, so that kind of shoes is a DO)

At the airport me got our Skyliner train tickets to tokyo. that was the cheapest way (1000 yen per person, 180 min ride)to Ueno. I made sure to take the free magazine CouponLand at this station as I didnt find it at the airport. I always find nice coupons in it and resaurant adresses (also nail salons and hairdressers coupons). Then we took the tokyo metro , 3 stops to our hotel.

♥♥♥THE HOTEL: its hotel horidome villa, 3min walk from the subway station. there is 3 station around it. Its veryyyy close to the Akihabara electric town center (less than 10min by walking) and the hotel is soooo nice! it is wayyyy the BEST HOTEL I tried in tokyo (and Im on my 5th trip). the room is little and there is no storage place for huge luggage (but you can easily put everything under the bed). but the room is very clean, nice, with new furnitures and lots of big mirrors, aircon, fridge, a bathroom with an actual bath, all little goodies (toothbrush with paste, razor, yukata,...), TV, freeeee wifi ☆★ and there is 24/7 service with very kind and polite english speaking staff. AT almost the PRICE of a hostel/dormitory. I want to live there (^_^)♪plus the room was ready before the checkin time and they let us enter not even mentioning it.

1st day : akihabara

after a little anti-jetlag nap, we head to the akihabara electric town. on the route there were so many combinis, like one per 20 meters, and i bought a water from the mountains ( not from the fukushima area) and a peanut butter sandwich. I really have to do a little review on it , its delicious!
the 1st shop we entered was YODOBASHI AKIBA, the famous huuuuge center for all electronic or non electronic goods. Altought all the temptations there, I bought only was I actually attend to buy: a MINI INSTAX POLAROID with 50 pictures recharge and an Eggshell protection for myIpad 2. I choosed a clear one ( so I can stick pictures under) that fit with the SmartCover ( it doesnt exist in europe, they are real fruitloop to sell the smartcover but not any cover for the other side to fit with it). it came with a protective screensheet and costed only 3000¥ (30$). In europe it is like 50$ for each the cover and the screensheet. {!!!}

Then we went to UNIQLO to buy some cloth to wear before our luggage arrive. I found a very simple and cute little black cotton dress, very light and comfy for only 390¥ (4$)

After we just walked in the sreet and played in the game centers around. Of course I did some UFO catchers and I manage to have the new rilakkuma and korilakkuma in sailor outfit mini plushies and a little bear, its very kawaii and famous but i dont know his name.
We also did some purikura in the new machines and there wasnt too much people so the time for decoration stopped and we had like 10min in the deco side machine.

then we returned to our hotel and I bought the new POPTEEN gal magazine ( its the summer special with HAWAII trip theme) :)

today (3rd july): i have the hard mission to wake up matthew and we'll visit SHIBUYAAAA and buy our tickets for Disney sea and the disney store.

ma ta ne ♪

~~~TIP 1: about radiations: we met a nice and wise american guy at the airport , he lived in tokyo for ayear ( he has some fAmily working there) and he told us some nice tips for food: eat nothing thats coming from the sea ( fish, seaweed, wakame...) and have a map of japan to ask in the store where the food is coming from. i have my radiation map in my ipad and learned how to ask where the food is coming from in japanese. apparently, the staff people are used to it and know eerything, there is also map on the sandwiches in combinis to indicate the city where the meat and vegetable is produced.

~~~TIP 2: about jetlag: my way to avoid jetlag is to set myself at the japanese time directly. so when I arrive in tokyo i dont sleep until night then I have a full Sleep and wake up not too late on the next day. its working perfectly. but thats not matthews idea so i let him sleep while i do all my little stuffs ( magazine, internet, make up...)


Ly☆ said...

Ahahaha ton dernier paragraphe m'a fait beaucoup rire, parce que je m'imagine dans la même situation avec mon chéri (j'ai toujours du mal à le sortir du lit!)lol.
Sympa ton article, on a vraiment l'impression d'y être...même sans image! J'espère que tu auras vite tes bagages quand même! J'avais vécu ça quand je suis revenue d'Helsinki, mais au moins j'étais chez moi!
Franchement ton article me donne tellement envie d'aller au japon! J'essaie de mettre de l'argent de côté en partie pour cet objectif!
Vivement ton prochain article! je te fais de gros poutous, amusez-vous bien! <3

Petite Ange said...

Contente de voir que ton voyage se passe bien :) Matthew reste les trois semaines avec toi ?
Tu achètes un petit appareil photo chaque fois que tu vas au Japon ?
Ooohh, des peluches kawaii, j'ai trop hâte de les voir, vivement les photos !!!!
Oh, Disney Sea *_*

Amma Elizabeth said...

Yay! You finally arrived in Japan! I really enjoyed your entry. It gave very good tips. Looking forward to reading more.