Friday, June 3, 2011

DAY 2 : Me in Gyaru (Blog Challenge)

Voici le second article pour le Blog Challenge. Cette fois, je vais me présenter en tant que fan de mode Gyaru.
Sara Mari crée chaque vendredi un article avec un interview pour une Gal de n'importe où dans le monde et je me suis proposée pour y participer. J'ai donc répondu à un questionnaire fait par elle et envoyé quelques photos parmis lesquelles elle en choisira 3.

Here is the 2nd post for the Blog Challenge. This time, I'll present myself as a gyaru fashion lover.
Sara Mari's publishing almost each friday a post with a interview about a random Gal. I proposed to be part of one post and I answer her questionnaire made by her and sent some pictures (she will choose 3 of them).

Voici la copie de ce que j'ai répondu et les photos envoyées. Cela n'a pas encore été publié sur son blog mais je vous donne le lien pour que vous puissiez le voir quand il apparaitra. ( ) vous pouvez aller le visiter car il est très intéressant et puis dans la catégorie Hime Friday vous trouverez plein d'articles sur différentes Gals.

Here is the copy of what I answered and the pictures I sent. That isnt published on her blog yet but I give your the link so you can see when it will appear ( ) you can visit her blog anyway because it's very interesting and you can find many posts about different Gals in the Hime Friday category.

Name: Severine
Nickname: Petitpaindepice (which mean little gingerbread girl in french)
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Fashion Style: Casual Gyaru: I like Giaru , Mori Gal and Cocolulu-Roxy-Colorful Style

What is your style, and how long have you been interested in fashion?
I've always been interested in fashion but different styles. Before being interested in Kawaii and japanese culture I was "gothic" then I started to like casual and colorful clothes. When I visited Japan for the 1st time and the next ones I became more and more interested in Gyaru style. I can't define what style I am but I like many japanese fashion style as listed above.

How did you discover your style?
By visiting Tokyo many time -including mostly Harajuku and Shibuya-. Also by buying japanese Gal magazines.

When do you dress in your style?
When I have the time, for any occasion: it can be at university, for going out with friends but most of the time : during holidays. Especially when I'm in Japan.

Do you like to follow fashion rules, or create your own?
Both... I like to have an inspiration and stick to general style but I like to mix different styles I like too.

Do you have one item (clothing, accessory, cosmetic) that is your signature?
The style itself : cute is my signature because it's very japanese-fashion inspired and nobody dress like that in my city. Except that, I dont have a accessory or clothing that I stick to because I like to mix, to be original and to always try new things.

What do you think is important about fashion?
Enjoing it ! simply ! and being confident about yourself, not to care about people's bad comments.

Picture's caption:
1) Roxy-Cocolulu style in Okinawa
2) me with my last Gal Outfit/Purchase
3) Me trying an expensive dress at 109
4) Me in Tokyo - summer 2010 - in Sunshine City's Sanrio wonderland
5) me with an hair-bow in a Tralala dress from 109
6) in a cat-outfit with a Hello Kitty hoodie from JSG 109


Chocolattkato said...

I totally love your white and black dress! super cute! And i love roxy also!
mariee (swap-bot)

Petite Ange said...

Hiii t'es trop chOu et trop belle sur ces photos ma chewie !!!
T'avais fait le noeud avec tes propres cheveux ? Ça ne les a pas trop emmêlés ?? C'est superbe en tout cas :D Et j'adOre tellement ta tenue sur la 2è photo ! T'es à croquer <3
T'es magnifique dans les deux robes !! Et trOp kawaii la veste HK de JSG, kawaiiiii ^-^