Friday, April 22, 2011

international GALS / GYARU meeting @ Shibuya 109

~~ 10 July 2011 ~~
International GAL / GYARU meeting

-see details and follow all the news on the Facebook Page of the GALS MEETING EVENT !-

It's a international meeting for shopping , purikuras and coffee/tea for GALs / GYARUs from all over the world.
the PROGRAM is listed on the Facebook EVENT page. click on the link above.
We'll meet in front of the Shibuya 109 tower, then we'll drink a tea / coffee @ the Starbucks nearby OR at the cafe in the 109. Depending of what the majority prefer ^^

Then we'll shop in the 109 during the afternoon.
--->I'll may ask the 109 staff / organisation for a FOTO PERMIT so that we can take pictures of the event even inside the shops (what is totally forbidden otherwise).

After that we can all take PURIKURAS in a Game Center in Shibuya (near the 109). And maybe have a dinner/drink for those who wants.

I'm going to OFFER a SURPRISE for the first participants. It will be a UNIQUE CELLPHONE STRAP -limited edition- °°°specially designed for this event°°° with a cute Gal & 109 tower with the name / date of this SPECIAL EVENT. So please be on time , only the 20 first participants will receive the GIFT ^__^
And it's offered by me !


Béné said...
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~*NeNe*~ said...

hello <3
thank you for your lovely comments!!
oh there is a Gal meeting in SBY???<3
why can´t it be in August??? ;__;
really sad...
well...yes xD
i have docomo phone. i use D1/Telekom card here and it´s working good. but you need a hyper sim card for unlocking the phone ^^
yes, i live near Berlin ^^ so you can speak german?? *o* that´s cool!! :D have a nice day <3

Béné said...

My comment was deleted ? Oo
Too bad that it is the 10th... I won't be in Japan until the 15th.

ジュリエット said...

Moi je serais là ;D

avec les bus de nuits Nagoya-Tokyo c'est pas trop cher (env 50 CHF l'aller retours ^^) donc même si tu peux pas m'héberger, j'aurais assez de sous pour me prendre un lit dans un dortoir ; )

ha oui, et sinon, si tu veux visiter Nagoya un week-end, tu pourras squatter dans ma chambre je pense (faut que je demande à l'école mais je pense pas que ça posera problème :D)

Little Twinkling Star said...

What a good idea ;-)

Momoko ももこ said...

Coucou !
Merci pour ton compliment sur nos habits ^o^ !
Oui je vais au Japon cet été pour 3 semaine moi aussi mais se sera du 30 Juillet au 21 Aout ! Dommage on se loupe de peu 'o' ! Tu va allé au grand meeting gals :p c'est super ! Une copine en un créer un grand aussi mais en Aout cete fois ci, j'ai vraiment hate *w*.
Des bisoux

Ly☆ said...

Whouahhh, mais quelle bonne idée ce meet-up! Dommage que le Japon ne soit pas prévu dans mes destinations de voyage cette année! T_T Mais j'espère que tu posteras tout plein de photos de cette rencontre! Bisous!